Thank you for choosing G Foster Photography for your Real Estate Photography needs.  Below is my preparation checklist of things that I would like to be done prior to your scheduled photoshoot. Thank you in advance. 
Pre photoshoot general preparation:
- Please, cleaning and staging needs to be done before I arrive, I may move small items to get a better picture of the room. I will not be able to assist in moving large items ( furniture).
-  For safety reasons, we can’t have pets around for your photoshoot.  MLS rules also prohibit people and pets from being in pictures. Also, please hide pet food and water bowls. 
- Residents should plan on being in areas where they can't be seen during the photoshoot.  It is best to leave the property for at least one and a half hours 
- Hide all the items that you do not want seen in your photos in the garage.  This is the best place to hide anything that you do not want seen in your images.  I usually don’t photography garages ( this is where most clients hide extra items).
Inside Preparation
- Please make sure all interior lights are turned on. 
- Please make sure all ceiling fans are turned off (not spinning). 
- If your indoor photos will show outdoor views, if there are views (half mast the blinds / open the curtains.  If no view is available or an unpleasant view (close the blinds to show the light of a window). 
- In the kitchen, a few items on the counters are okay, please remove / hide all dishes, rags, and magnets, pictures, etc. from the refrigerator.
- In the bathroom, all "personal" items should be hidden. Decorative unused soaps, candles, flowers, etc, are okay. 
- All bedrooms should have their beds made and items put away.
- Please hide all trash cans closets or the garage. 
- Hide all portable fans in closets or the garage. 
- Please hide all TV remotes, game consoles, and cords (if possible). 
- Hide all shoes, and things that may clutter the floor and entryways.
Outside Preparation
- Make sure no cars are in the driveway. If possible, try to not have any cars parked in front of the property.
- Please place trashcans on the side of the property or in the garage out of view.
- Hide hoses the day prior so that no water marks are on the pavement. 
- Turn off sprinklers on the day of the shoot to prevent puddles on the pavement. 
- Please the pool/ spa clean with the cover removed and pool cleaner stowed away. For spas, provide instructions to the realtor on how to turn it on.  I will not be able to assist in turning on the pool/spa. 
- Fountains and waterfalls, should be clean, provide instructions to the realtor on how to turn them on. I will not be able to assist in turning on fountains, etc. 
- The for-sale sign should be removed from the property or installed after the shoot, since visible signs violate MLS policies and may not always be able to be edited out.
- Dust and cobwebs should be removed from all outdoor furniture. Please do not hose down your furniture, since this can make puddles. 
  Thank you for reviewing my checklist.  If you have any questions, or special request please let me know.

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